We make Big Data accessible

I’m a manufacturer of air humidification equipment. How big are my markets for my product line, and where?

I’m a dentist and I want to settle my practise abroad. Where is a lack of dentists?

The B2B and B2C Explorer apps, based on Big Data, bridge the gap between market research and cross-border trade.

Your gains:

  • Accelerate your business development to a few days;
  • Validate assumptions to prevent loss of credibility in the operational stage;
  • Reduce your marketing expenses by a factor 100.

Big Data market research outcomes offer competitive advantage, and save a lot out-of-pocket expenses on (online) advertising, marketing and sales efforts at introduction.

Our Big Data is based on reliable and objective registrations of foreign Governments and Research institutions, supplemented with certified online sources. Accessible on any device by easy to use B2B and B2C market explorer apps. Powered by the BMAP-technology invention of Xilion, which makes market research affordable for everyone.

The first delivery of our Big Data approach is to disclose France. The following languages are supported: French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. The Romanian apps have been released in April 2018.

The unperceived revenue opportunities with France are € 3,5 billion per year! What are you waiting for?

Our market apps to disclose Germany will become available

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