There are two ways to utilise the market explorers.

  1. As a tool to upgrade your idea to a defined business case.
  2. As a tool to elaborate your business case to action plans.

As a consequence, we offer you two kinds of subscriptions.


Intended for exploratory market research. Indispensable for customized feasibility studies. For SMEs to define their business case as well validation of assumptions in the business development stage. Also for journalists and students as a source for an article or thesis. Examples:

  • What is my market volume;
  • How is my market geographical distributed;
  • What is the best marketing and sales approach;
  • Where to start.

Pricing: € 30,00 per day (24 hour) ex VAT.
(for the majority of cases, one day is sufficient)

After market research, create your feasibility report and download the results to your local device.

Reservation is advisable due to limited access.

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For those who use the market explorers to make business. For SMEs which have decided to export or to settle and want to draw up the business plan.  Also for cross-border advisory companies, who want to accelerate their services. Examples:

  • Which client-companies are the most attractive to target;
  • Who is the best representative for my product;
  • Are there financial risks of client-companies or representatives.

Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually subscriptions.

Pricing on request:

For a year subscription, the client has a word to say in the future functionality of the explorers.

After market research, create your business plan and download the results to your local device.

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  1. When you have chosen your utilisation contact Xilion. You receive an user agreement. As soon the invoice is paid, you receive the login keys.
  2. Download your client app on your laptops, tablets and/or smartphones as describes in the Side Page / Download Client app installation guide and sign on.

All market app’s are at your disposal. For the greatest effectiveness, use them simultaneously.

In case of support, please call the helpdesk or mail to .

To ensure confidentiality and privacy of your research, please consult GDPR Privacy Statement