een_logoEnterprise Europe Network (EEN) is part of the European Commission.

EEN facilitates SMEs make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

Because Xilion is positioned as one of the European technological singularity companies in the field of Big Data management, EEN facilitates with their advisory services which includes:

  • Network and acquisition of partners in Europe;
  • Consultancy corporate development and strategic position;
  • Reviewing of the present and future applications.

Bio-logoThe department of Bionanoscience, Delft University of Technology, and Xilion webservices have entered an agreement to exchange information. In order to investigate novel tools for managing Big Data, where the tools are inspired by methods used in nanobiological systems.

microsoft-azureAzure is the cloud platform of Microsoft, hosting Xilion’s applications worldwide.

Xilion is partner of Microsoft and has direct contact with Cloud and Data platform product management concerning development and support of the Azure platform.

Xilion is also member of the Microsoft Partner Research panel (MPRp). MPRp is the feedback group concerning policy, products and services on Azure.

VNUS (Von Uns) GmbH, established at Düsseldorf Germany, is the first e-commerce fashion platform that offers workshops and events.

VNUS facilitates and represents Xilion to the German fashion industry. Xilion actively contributes the VNUS platform with presentations and workshops.

Business Anatomy Romania is experienced in helping overseas operations. Business Anatomy takes care of business development in Romania and abroad, creating new sales networks directly or through local distributors for their products.

Business Anatomy is the representative for development of market research apps Romania, as well as Agency for the marketing and sales of the market research apps of France and future countries.