tutorial-pictureUnder this menu, you will find all the applications concerning market research.

The well known B2B and B2C, from Business to Markets (B2M) applications, are provided.


But Big Data offers unique options at the same time.

Big Data is capable to unlock prescience in Market Themes, to improve opportunities to your business. These unique innovative features of Big Data, are implemented as “From Markets to Business (M2B) applications”.

In addition to the B2B and B2C applications, Big Data market apps offer added value by the themes:

  1. E2B Economics to Business;
  2. A2B Alerts to Business;
  3. V2B Valuation to Business;
  4. RE2B Real Estate to Business.

Please consult the submenus and discover the unique added value. For the greatest effectiveness, use the market apps simultaneously.