B2B Business to Business

Thkaart-entreprises-buttone B2B market app explores how many enterprises or subsidiaries, and how distributed, fit your client profile.

Explore in which areas the most potential clients reside for your business.

Figure out the best marketing and sales strategy and save advertising costs and marketing and sales efforts.

Based on the Chamber of Commerce, supplemented with various government data sources, the B2B market app selects out of 684 sectors the best companies and local representatives who fit your profile. Examen the localities on attractiveness to establish. Download the data for advanced analysis, be part of the exportplan etc.

Moreover, track the financial supply chain of potential clients, -partners or -local representatives, just before “take the plunge together”.

Real Cases

I’m a family doctor and want to establish my practise on the Côte d’Azur. Where is a lack of family doctors?


A manufacturer of air humidity equipment delivers to 10 sectors. Each sector has an other client profile.

  1. How big is the market potential?
  2. In which areas all sectors are optimal represented?
  3. What are the coordinates of the selected clients?
  4. Which local representative is the best choice?

For these product-market combination, the B2B market app shows that the Lyon area offers the best opportunities.