B2C Business to Consumer

retailapp-buttonThe B2C retail market app explores how much consumers, and how distributed, fit your client profile.

Explore in which area’s the most attractive populations reside.

Figure out the best marketing and sales strategy and save advertising costs and marketing and sales efforts.

The B2C retail market app offers 64 billion combinations to construct your customized client profile. Or use the default marketing classes A, B1, B2, C or D. Explore the number of customized profiles over 9 urbanized tranches.

Moreover, examen urbanized units on net monthly income; divided into man-women, social class and age bracket. Moreover, download the data for advanced analysis, be part of the marketing- and salesplan etc.

For an example please consult the B2C retail market report of the Saint-Tropez Urban Unit population, with the number of people who fits the marketing AB1 class.

Real Cases

A retailer, who delivers to the group highly educated urban professionals, explores the concentration and migration of the Parisian target group, and saves 20% in marketing and sales efforts.