RE2B Real Estate to Business

The RE2B market app kaart-real-estate-buttonselects municipals along landscape preferences (e.g. rural, near by the sea, not far away from liveliness) and climate conditions (e.g. more than 2.000 hours sunshine per year).


Examen the selected municipals on preferred convenience of life and leisure.
Check the actual online Real Estate offers of your favourite municipals.

How? Please watch the videoclip (in the Dutch language) and discover how easy it is to make your dreams come true.


Did you know that in France, 55% of the real estate transactions are directly concluded between private owners?

kaart-rekenbox-buttonThe RE2B all-in-one calculator determines the optimal financial balance at purchase.

Professional investors can instantly assess whether the property is attractive to launch a bid.

For attractive properties, investors know that the competitor is one mouse click away!

Includes a virtual acceptor in case of a mortgage.

In practice, loan applications are unnecessarily rejected because the purchaser is unknown with the acceptance criteria of the French mortgager.

The RE2B virtual acceptor indicates whether you remain within these criteria, before application.

P.S. The results are useful, but indicative. No rights can be derived.